Progress Report

Lest anyone think you’ve been forgotten, I wanted to stop in and give a little update. I’m still submitting. Got requests for partials from a couple more agents, which is great. I have started working on a new book which I will talk about when I’m a little further into it. So pretty much status quo around here.


At the risk of embarrassing myself

I feel compelled to share something with you. You should understand that sharing this information could lead to potentially huge embarrassment for me. I say this because I include my website address in all of my queries. If you are an agent checking me out with the possibility of being a potential client please disregard the rest of this post. Okay? Thank you.

Remember that post about the email I got from Deidre Knight and how thrilled I was? Yeah, I carry that email around in my back pocket. I also have it posted downstairs above my writing area and on the board above my desk at work. Why? I don’t know really. It’s not as if it was gushing praise of my superior writing ability. It was two sentences that amounted to I really like what I’ve read so far, send me the rest.

But here’s the thing…in this process of trying to get past an assistant to an agent and hopefully get anything other than a form rejection, to have someone, an important someone, tell you they get it is an awesome feeling. When I view it, it’s a reminder that maybe I am kind of good at this writing thing after all. When I get frustrated, I read it again and realize that I can do this.

Is there going to be a lot more work ahead? Of course. I get that. I understand that Deidre asking for more doesn’t mean I’m not going to get another form rejection to add to my pile. But for a moment, just for a moment, I can pretend my book is something great and that I’m not the only one that sees that.

Sorry for the delay….

The fact is, I haven’t updated the blog lately because I was a little bummed about this whole process. I was getting rejection after rejection on my queries. And I got two more rejections on partials, not only were they rejections, they were form rejections. No real feedback at all. ugh. It really makes you second guess yourself.

But then I got some totally awesome news just when I needed it. You remember my very first blog post way back when about Deidre Knight? (if not you should totally go read it. I’ll wait here. Done? Okay, then…) Anyway, here’s the thing about Deidre, and I have to be honest here, I had already crossed her off the list of potential agents in my brain. Not because I didn’t want her as an agent, quite the opposite in fact, but because I considered her unattainable. There was no way she was going to want me.

Well, guess what? She liked what I sent her enough to ask for the full manuscript! This is huge! I’m thrilled and overwhelmed and all that stuff. This is the first time this has happened to me cuz I’m still pretty new at all this submission stuff, and it’s impossible to describe. The feeling you get when an agent reads part of your book and wants to read more is this heady combination of absolute terror and total elation. As usual, I’ll let y’all know how it goes.

Oh, and the contest? Still haven’t heard anything about the final placements. grrr. will let you know when I do though!

Lots of news

First and foremost, I want to share that I have finaled in the FF&P contest I entered! I am so excited and completely overwhelmed. Only the top three entries final so I know I’m no lower than 3rd. Now the finalists have been sent on to an agent from Curtis Brown who will do the final round of judging. I should know how I place around the 1st of December or so.

Second, an update on the querying process. I received another request for a partial, but it’s been rejected already and got 5 or so more rejections on the query itself. So no good news there, but I’m still plugging along. Besides now in my query letter I can say I was a finalist in a contest. 🙂

An update

Just a quick update to everyone following along on my journey. Several queries have been sent. I have received 3 rejections total thus far and 2 requests for partials. Yay! For the requests not the rejections. Just clarifying.
Also that doesn’t include the submissions I already had out. So the count right now: 3 rejections, 3 partials and 1 full. I’ll take that count.

Entering another Contest

So one of my friends suggested I enter this contest. It’s sponsered by the Guide to Literary Agents. All that’s required is entering your first 150-200 words. If you win an agent critiques your first ten pages and you get a subscription to Writer’s Digest.
If any of you write paranormal romance or urban fantasy, click the link and enter!

I’ll let you know how it goes.

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