Unexpected Love

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2015-278 Kathleen Collins Dare You

Not everything that happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas…

Evangeline Stewart met the love of her life in Vegas when she was twenty-one. She thought he felt the same way, but when they woke in the morning he was married to her mother.

Nicholas Davis couldn’t fathom how he ended up married to Jackie when it was clearly Eve he wanted. A quick annulment remedied that mistake but his chances with the girl of his dreams were ruined.

Now it’s three years later and, on a dare from her ex-stepfather, Eve takes the chance she’s always wanted. But nothing is ever that simple and secrets thought long buried come to light. Will the truth finally tear them apart for good or will it make their bond stronger than ever?

Warning: This book contains dares, workplace shenanigans, and true love finally getting its chance. Don’t read if any of these things offend you.

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Fantasy, Paranormal and Romance Author

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