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Some things once forgotten are better not remembered…

A broken wing with feathers fluttering in the breeze starts Juliana on her most dangerous, and personal, investigation yet. One that will take her from the depths of the End to her own backyard. She is surrounded by those she considers family, but it quickly becomes apparent she’s more alone than ever before.

In the center of all the chaos and death is someone Juliana thought she’d never see again. Their reunion brings back memories of horrors long since transpired, but now fresh in Juliana’s mind. Everywhere she turns, she is faced with another decision that must be made. Her career has been built on trusting her instincts and abilities, but this time that trust may bring her entire world crumbling down around her.

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The last three years have provided one challenge after another but I have persevered. After much delay, I present the final book in the Realm Walker series. I promise it won’t disappoint.


Prophecy’s Child

Hey all! I didn’t mean to disappear. As I’m sure you noticed, Prophecy’s Child did not come out when expected. I had a health setback with a regression in my stroke systems. Rest assured, I am back to working on it and it will be released soon. I am so sorry. Feel free to yell at me on the contact page if it will make you feel better.

Behind the Names

Sometimes I pick a name simply because I like it. At other times, I choose a certain name because of the meaning behind it. Let’s take a look at some of the names from the Realm Walker series.

Juliana Norris – Honestly I don’t remember where her first name came from but Norris was the name of a judge in the courthouse where I worked and I thought it went well together.

Thomas Kendrick – Thomas is my maiden name. And Kendrick means ‘Bold Ruler’. Think that’s fitting for our master vampire?

Michael Bishop – Michael’s name is actually discussed in his origin story The Making of Michael Bishop. That being said, he’s the bastard child of a priest so it makes sense he would be named after an angel.

Catalina Espinosa – Catalina is the bitchy Spanish vampire with a yearning for our Thomas. I specifically picked her last name because it means ‘Thorny’.

Sara, Rachel, James, Charles Morgan, Ben – All of these literally came from me running through the names of people I knew and seeing what worked together. Beats thumbing through the baby name book all the time, I guess.

Raoul DeSoto – DeSoto means a plains area with woods or something like that. I picked it because of where I pictured him coming from. Raoul means wolf Counsel or red wolf which seemed appropriate for our villain.

Anne Marie – means gracious and beloved.

And as a bonus Snow Cone is the name of my son’s stuffed yeti he got from Disney World whose round shape was also the inspiration for my own fluff ball.

Giveaway Winners

And the contest is over! Winners have been emailed.

Grand Prize Winner: Suzzanne A. from the UK

Runners Up: Noeline Q from Australia and
Jessica G from the US

We went all over the globe here. How cool is that?!?

If you didn’t win, don’t fret. More contests will be coming, I promise. Thank you everyone for entering.


To celebrate an influx of Facebook likes, twitter followers and newsletter subscribers, I am having an epic giveaway. There are 3 prizes up for grabs. Contest is open internationally!

Two Runner-up Prizes: Receive a free ebook copy of my next three releases. ARCs will be provided based upon request and availability.

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***Next three releases as currently scheduled are Prophecy’s Child: Realm Walker #4, Her Kind of Madness: Whispered Tales #2 (This is an Alice in Wonderland story), and a currently untitled collection of short stories. Subject to change.

This is a giant thank you to each and every one of you. You have been a source of enormous support throughout my career. I love each and every one of you.

**please note all entries will be verified before prizes are given.

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