Realm Walker Book 4 Available Now!!

Prophecy’s Child is now available. There seems to be some delay getting it on B&N but it should be there soon. I would also like to take a moment to announce that while this is the conclusion of the Realm Walker series, there will be a short story collection released this summer. Walkers and Wardens will contain brand new or expanded stories and the two novellas that were released. This will be your chance to get those in print. Thank you for reading and being patient through all life has thrown at me the last three years. It’s been a hell of a journey.


Some things once forgotten are better not remembered…

A broken wing with feathers fluttering in the breeze starts Juliana on her most dangerous, and personal, investigation yet. One that will take her from the depths of the End to her own backyard. She is surrounded by those she considers family, but it quickly becomes apparent she’s more alone than ever before.

In the center of all the chaos and death is someone Juliana thought she’d never see again. Their reunion brings back memories of horrors long since transpired, but now fresh in Juliana’s mind. Everywhere she turns, she is faced with another decision that must be made. Her career has been built on trusting her instincts and abilities, but this time that trust may bring her entire world crumbling down around her.

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