Realm Walker Series

5 stars – “Fantastic book. Just as good as the series from Amanda Carlson or Ilona Andrews. I look forward to the next book…” -Iris with Paranormal Cravings  Read the full review here

4 stars – ” Realm Walker is a chimera of all the best aspects of the paranormal genre. Kathleen Collins’ has skillfully reinvented the classic paranormal paradigm with the mysterious hard boiled investigator type with just enough femininity as to be a convincing romantic heroine and the autocratic yet emotionally vulnerable vampire who loves her in a dark world full of monsters and the result is a fresh and entertaining read.” – Penny Dreadful Books and Reviews. Full review here

4 stars – “Realm walker was book candy to me, the kind I devour and enjoy immensely…This was definitely an impressive start to the Realm Walker series and I will be looking out for the sequel for sure.” -Melanie with Book Passion For Life. Read the rest here

4 stars – “Realm Walker drew my interest from page one and was a good read all the way through…Realm Walker was a solid read with good writing, good pacing, interesting characters and I’d be interested to read the next in the series.” -Jocelyn Dex Read the full review here

4 Quills – “This book is one I’d definitely recommend to people, especially people with a love for urban fantasy. It was similar to‘The Anita Blake Series’ by Laurel K. Hamilton, the earlier ‘Southern Vampire Series’ by Charlaine Harris, ‘The Hollows’ by Kim Harrison with writing comparable to Chole Neill author of ‘Chicago Land Vampires’ and Diana Pharaoh Francis author of ‘Horngate Witches’. A definite must have for your virtual or literal bookshelves. I definitely can’t wait for the next installment as I’m sure I will gobble that one up!” -Painted Words blog Read the full review here

Whispered Tales

5 stars – “I found the whole book enchanting. It read like the fairytale that inspired it…Re-tellings of Disney and fairytale stories seem to be big at the minute. I’ve read a few now. This is definitely one of the better ones. Highly enjoyable.” -Goodreads review. Read the full review here (Moonlit Waltz)



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