Behind the Names

Sometimes I pick a name simply because I like it. At other times, I choose a certain name because of the meaning behind it. Let’s take a look at some of the names from the Realm Walker series.

Juliana Norris – Honestly I don’t remember where her first name came from but Norris was the name of a judge in the courthouse where I worked and I thought it went well together.

Thomas Kendrick – Thomas is my maiden name. And Kendrick means ‘Bold Ruler’. Think that’s fitting for our master vampire?

Michael Bishop – Michael’s name is actually discussed in his origin story The Making of Michael Bishop. That being said, he’s the bastard child of a priest so it makes sense he would be named after an angel.

Catalina Espinosa – Catalina is the bitchy Spanish vampire with a yearning for our Thomas. I specifically picked her last name because it means ‘Thorny’.

Sara, Rachel, James, Charles Morgan, Ben – All of these literally came from me running through the names of people I knew and seeing what worked together. Beats thumbing through the baby name book all the time, I guess.

Raoul DeSoto – DeSoto means a plains area with woods or something like that. I picked it because of where I pictured him coming from. Raoul means wolf Counsel or red wolf which seemed appropriate for our villain.

Anne Marie – means gracious and beloved.

And as a bonus Snow Cone is the name of my son’s stuffed yeti he got from Disney World whose round shape was also the inspiration for my own fluff ball.

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