Not my normal post

So if you follow my blog, you know I talk about my writing journey here. What’s going on with the subs to agents and what not. Well, not today. Today you get a little story about life in my house.

As a background I should probably tell you that we had a beta fish named Aquin for almost four years that recently kicked. It had been a long time coming. I’d actually taken to calling him zombie fish because he’d just lay there unmoving until I was sure he was dead, then he’d take off swimming.

Well, after the appropriate mourning period for fish (which is one week if anyone is interested) I took my youngest son to the pet store to get new fish today. This time we went with guppies so we could have more than one fish. We got four.  One orange, one silver and black, one yellow and one silvery blue. I decided since there are four of us, we each got to name one fish.

Youngest promptly declared the orange one his and named him Buddy. I took the silver and black one and named him Oreo. Hubby got the silvery blue one and named him Cloud. Oldest son (who is 7 by the way) got the yellow one. He looked him over and promptly declared him to be Tim.

So yes, I now have a fish named Tim. For the record, this is the same kid that, at three years of age, named his Beta fish Aquin.

I love my kids.

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