I should not be blogging

I’m in a horribly black mood this evening and I should not be blogging. I am completely aware of this and yet here I am doing exactly that.  But I will remain on the safe side of things and not delve too deeply into anything as that would only bring about trouble I’m sure.

Mainly I’m here because I promised not to disappear again and I’m sure the three people that read my blog would be horribly disappointed in me if I did not live up to my word. At this precise moment I have 7 working days left until I am on vacation from my day job. I am counting each one down minute by minute. Can. not. wait.

Hope y’all are having a much less introspective day than me, or if you are, you’re happier with what you’re finding. 🙂

2 thoughts on “I should not be blogging”

  1. Look, I noticed! And, you’re two out of three for followers leaving comments! See how much we love you!

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