Professionalism and junk

Okay, so here’s the deal…I would think I wouldn’t have to say the things that I am about to say but given what I’ve seen on the internet lately, evidently I do. Now those of you that actually read this little blog of mine probably don’t need to hear all this, but maybe the people that do need to see it will happen upon it.

1.) There are appropriate venues in which to pitch your book to an editor or agent. Those venues would be via a query letter, a pitch session or by their invitation. Appropriate venues do not include twitter, facebook, bathrooms or anything of the like.

2.) If you are tempted to leave a comment on an editor or agent blog and you can’t put your name to it because you fear the repercussions, you probably should rethink the comment.

3.) Typing “The End” on your first draft does not mean you’ve finished the book. This is not the time to send queries. Really. It’s not. Trust me.

4.) If you hate every single book in a genre, you shouldn’t be writing in that genre. And you most certainly should not tell everyone that every book in that genre sucks except for yours. This will not win you any friends or make people want to read your book any more.

5.) Watch this and then be the brown one not the orangey one.

That is all.

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