Hello people!

What’s up? Not much going on around here except the final round of subs is out for Possession. Keep your fingers crossed for me. This book is so much better. So much more there. I just hope the agents agree. Sent the revise and resubmit back out, too.

Now on to new books. Still working on book 2 but it needs some rewrites based on changes made in the first book. Also have a couple of old ideas talking to me. Ready to write new words. I like revising but I’ve had enough of it for awhile.

So what has everyone else been doing? Let me know in the comments. You know, all two of you that read this blog. 🙂 

4 thoughts on “Hello people!”

  1. I also have an ms out but am trying to move on and work on Book 2. LOL
    The revisions were making me crazy, so I was glad to finally feel I was at a great place to query from. And now I’m plotting like a mad woman on the next one.

  2. Number 1 Person or whatever number: I am busy critiquing a couple of things for others and doing edits for my YA romance. Hope the querying goes well!

  3. yay for queries!
    I’ve been plotting…against real people? Imaginary ones? It’s not fun if I tell you which 😛

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