On Birthdays and Friends

Yesterday was my birthday. I’ll spare myself the mentioning of the year. For some reason this is the first year I mind saying my age. Grrr.. don’t like it.

Anyway, I went with my mom and my aunt and had a manicure and pedicure paid for by my mom, my aunt and my brother. It was nice to be pampered. And my mom made me chicken and dumplings. For dessert I got vanilla ice cream with fresh strawberries on it. So good.

But the best part of my birthday was the card I got from two of my nearest and dearest. The handwritten sentiment inside said in part, (and I paraphrase cuz I’m too lazy to get my purse) “Enjoy your last birthday as an unpublished author. You’ll never have another one.”

No, you didn’t miss any announcements, there’s nothing to be revealed. They just have that much faith in me. Isn’t that awesome?

I sure as hell hope they’re right.

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