As a general note

I generally don’t talk about the day job on here, but something needs to be said. My supervisor gets a complaint about me every other month. Generally it is because I tell someone “No.” and they don’t like it.

People have a tendency to tell me the way they think things should be done, or they argue with me about what they know that they think I don’t. If I tell them they are wrong or that I can’t do anything to help them, I am mean. I am unhelpful or bitchy.

And of course they usually neglect to mention the arguing they did with me or the yelling or on occasion the names they called me.

Just for y’all’s reference, complaining about me to my boss, my husband, or any one really, does not make me more inclined to help you. Nor does it intimidate me into doing what you want.

That’s all. Hope y’all had a better day than I did.

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