Big, Big News

So, I know I’ve disappeared. That’s mainly because I can’t keep a secret worth anything. I am very pleased and happy to announce that I am now represented by Nicole Resciniti at the Seymour Agency. You can read more about her at

I pitched my fantasy Enemy Hearts to Nicole at RT. She loved the idea and asked for a full which I sent the day after conference was over. A week later I got an email asking if it was still available. The next day she called to offer representation. I accepted immediately and withdrew everything else I had out as Nicole was my top choice. She loved my book and I’m thrilled to have someone as excited about my stuff as I am. 🙂

I am still a little stunned to have an agent, especially since it happened so quick. Yes, I was out on submission for a long time with Realm Walker, but I had only sent about 10 queries on Enemy Hearts before RT and still hadn’t heard back from most of them when I sent the emails withdrawing the submission.


Other news: Book 2 of the Realm Walker series is back with my editor. Unless she finds something I really screwed up I believe the next step is the copy editor.

Also, holy crap, when did that timer over there go down to three months? I may be starting to panic a little guys.

2 thoughts on “Big, Big News”

  1. This is great! I have met Nicole a couple of times and worked with her as she’s judged some RWA contests. I think she is a fantastic, professional agent that will represent your work well. Congratulations!

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