News and updated Website

Hello Lovely people,

Sorry I’ve been gone but that’s because I have been generating more words for you to read. I have added a FAQ and Coming Soon tab to the website and updated some of the other pages, I also have a couple of pieces of news for you.

First, both books are available in print from There are links direct to both books on the My Books tab. There will not be another print run so get them while you can. Once they’re gone, they’re gone.

Second, I have a book signing coming up on August 9 at 1:00pm in Lee’s Summit, MO at Reader’s World bookstore. I will have print copies of both books available for purchase that day.

and yes, you will have more books and soon. I’m working on a schedule even as I write this.

Happy Reading!

3 thoughts on “News and updated Website”

  1. Congrats! We are selfishly so excited for the hopes that you might be willing to come in and work with our 3rd graders this year at EPiC! – Kellie

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