I’m still here

I sat on a pew with my mother today and watched her say goodbye to her best friend who died unexpectedly this past week. That probably wasn’t how you were expecting this post to start, nor was it how I intended to start it. But it kind of sums up how the last year has gone for me and my family. The last six months have been particularly rough.

Just lots of stuff going on that was both physically and emotionally draining. As such, I took a step back. I stepped away from social media for the most part, I stepped away from the computer all together some days and focused on me and my family. I’m not going to apologize for that. What I am going to apologize for is not letting you all in on what was going on. The reading and writing community is incredibly supportive and I should have remembered that. I’m also going to apologize because this has delayed the release of book three, not only past when I wanted it out but also past when I said it was going to be out.

I could give you all a book the end of this month but it wouldn’t be a book I was proud of. I want to give you my best and that just hasn’t been possible the last few months.

I can tell you that I am getting back on my feet. I can promise you that I am working on making the book the very best I can give you and putting the heart into it that is currently missing from it. I also promise that once I have a firm release date for you I will post it here and on facebook.

I know that you are all disappointed to hear this but I assure you, my disappointment in my inability to deliver what I intended when I intended to do it is far worse. You all know how important my readers are to me and how much I love to hear from you. I hope you stick around for a few more months and let me give you something awesome. It’ll be worth it.

4 thoughts on “I’m still here”

  1. I’m looking forward to your next book and though I can’t wait, I’ll be patient if that makes any sense. Life does throw some severe punches and I hope you have some strong people at your side to lean on and help you get through these rough times. Take care of yourself

  2. ((Hugs)) I’ve had a similar experience and can relate, but I’m glad you’ve been taking time for yourself and your family. Looking forward to book three whenever you can get it to us!

  3. I hate it when an author goes completely dark. Take as much time as you need, you’re fans will wait. Just don’t forget to post a “hello” on your blog every now and again to show us you’re still here.

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