What you’ve been missing

I tend to post more on Facebook than anywhere else just because it’s more convenient. But given their lovely programming I’m pretty sure like a tenth of my followers see most of my posts. In case you missed out here’s what I’ve been talking about.

Secret project #1 – A little hint. (or big one as the case may be)

I posted a lovely picture of a girl in a blue dress with a knife in her hand standing in front of a castle with much heart detailing.

Secret project #2 – A snippet for you

He leaned his back against the fence when he got there and she hoped he hadn’t seen her looking at his ass when he turned around. It wasn’t her fault his jeans looked like they were painted on. That just wasn’t playing fair. As usual, he looked a day past needing a shave. She didn’t know how he seemed to keep a constant state of stubble, but she wasn’t about to complain.

And proof I am working on Realm Walker #3.5

“Trust me, I know it’s my wedding, but let’s be honest here. The guest list includes several Wardens, a former demigoddess of love and the director of the Gathering, My bridesmaids are wearing tuxes, you know because they’re guys. Though Nathaniel would look cute in a dress. And the dark fae god of death is giving me away. It’s not like it’s a normal wedding anyway.”



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