I’ve been busy. Becoming Mrs. Kendrick is now available for pre-order on Amazon. May 15, 2017 is the official release date. Yay. Preorder here


The time has come for Juliana Norris to say ‘I do’. Marrying Thomas Kendrick shouldn’t be that complicated. After all, they love each other and all they want is a simple ceremony. But once they throw in a former demi-goddess of love, the dark fae god of death and a plethora of other supernatural beings, things get chaotic.

 To make matters worse, Juliana finds herself the temporary guardian of a baby yeti that needs to be returned to its pod. Another task made more complicated than it should be when she discovers yetis have white signatures, making them almost impossible to track in the snow. Juliana’s niece Rachel wants to keep the fluffball, Thomas wants to kill it, and Juliana just wants all this over with.


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