Hello Again

Hey all! I did not mean to disappear on you but it’s been a tough fall. My father passed away in September and I’ve been grieving since. This has thrown off my release schedule and I’m sorry about that.

My October release which was to be a short in the Whispered Tales series has been pushed back indefinitely. It’s definitely getting written, I just have to figure out where it’s going to fit into the schedule now. And since I have more time, I may be expanding it into a full novel.

The next release you see will be Prophecy’s Child, the fourth and final book in the Realm Walker series. Again, I had intended to have it out by the end of the year but that will not be happening. I assure you I have begun work on it and as soon as I have a release date I will let you know.

For those of you that haven’t picked up Moonlit Waltz because you aren’t sure if it’s your thing, it’s getting some really good reviews. Just saying.

Thank you all for your patience and understanding!

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