A realization

I realized this evening that writing completely new words scares me. I’m not sure if this a new thing or something I just didn’t notice before. I’m afraid they won’t be any good. Scared that I’ll fail.

The upside to this is that when I read back over what I’ve written, I’m usually pleasantly surprised with the quality of my words.

I’ve also realized that I want nothing more in life than to tell my stories and have other people read them. Read them and love them. This however isn’t a new realization. I’ve known this since I was in school. Just restating it.

So what about you? Any old or new realizations about your writing or your life?

One thought on “A realization”

  1. I’m having a similar fear. I liked the last book I wrote so much I’m afraid this one won’t be as good, and that’s got me stumbling. But I keep trudging through and I’ll find my happy place, then I’ll spread it all over the book.
    Happy writing! Enjoy those new words 😀

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