I have decided….

This week will be better than last week. It has to be. Last week, in case you couldn’t guess, was a horrible horrid thing that stunk right up until about Friday at 4:30. The weekend has been okay. I got my kitchen cleaned out and organized which is fantastic. I also am coming down with some sort of sinus crap (yes, again) but that’s okay.

So, everyone repeat after me: This week will be awesome. Beyond awesome even. It is decided.

Very good. Thank you.

I also got my hair done. I wanted bright red streaks, but my hair is dark enough that in order to do it, they would have to bleach and then put the color in. Needless to say I just got normal red highlights put in as I had no desire to spend $200 or 4 hours getting my hair done. Not to say it won’t ever happen, but it’s not on the agenda right now. That being said, she trimmed up my hair and thinned it out so it looks and feels better, and I like the highlights even if they weren’t precisely what I wanted when I went in.

Guess that’s it for now. What’s up with you?

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