Hello Friends!

Okay, here is your update. I’m still working on the health stuff, but I am writing. I rewrote a fantasy and turned it into my agent. And I’m working on the first book in a twisted fairytale series. The short story is still coming in Realm Walker and there will also be a fourth book that ties up all the loose ends. I also have another short and a fifth book on the pipeline but the timeline on those depends on if I’m under contract for something else. Is there something you’re just dying to know? Ask me in the comments, send me an email or something. 🙂 For those of you who don’t follow me on facebook (why don’t you) here’s the cover for the short story. And don’t forget to click on the newletter link and sign up for that to be the first to get the news when I have it. BecomingMrsKendrick

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