So in an effort to be more productive…

I’ve decided to no longer limit blog posts to only writer related things. I mean technically it’s all writer related because it’s all about me and I’m a writer, but you know what I mean. See the thing is, I can’t share a lot of what I’m doing until it gets picked up or whatever and why I can say “I’m writing” or “I’m editing” it means little to you if I can’t sure what I’m working on with you.

A little update on me. I’ve had to cut my hours at work. There’s this thing called post stroke fatigue which pretty much kicked my ass. I hit a wall and my brain won’t think of anything else or do anything else. And the effect is cumulative so every day I was a little worse than the day before. I’m hoping that the cut in hours will allow me to operate at a level slightly above zombie when I’m home. That means in turn I will hopefully be more productive with my writing.

My family and I are trying to relocate to Florida. Why? Mainly because we love it there. We’ve talked about it for a few years now and if this stroke has taught me anything, its that tomorrow isn’t guaranteed. Reach for what you want, don’t put it off until twenty years from now you wonder how your life would be different if you’d taken that chance. The goal is for me to be a full-time writer/mom when we move. That would be fantastic. Keep your fingers crossed and say a little prayer if you’re the praying kind. Talk to you soon!


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